Sapphire Briolette and Diamond Earrings

Playful casading sapphire briolette and diamond earrings crafted in 18k yellow gold

Golden Pearl, Brown Diamond, Yellow Diamond Earrings

Featured natural color golden pearl drop, brown diamond and yellow diamond earrings

Black Opal Earrings

Opulent double sided, lightning ridge black opal and diamond trio, crafted in featherlight anodized green titanium

Rubellite & Diamond Earrings

Elegant rubellite & diamond earrings showcasing a mosaic of pear shape, marquise and brilliant cut diamonds

Black Opal Multi-Stone Earrings

An orchestra of oceanic hued Australian black opal mesh earrings woven in 18k yellow gold

Diamond & Meteorite Earrings

Contemporary widmanstatten meteorite disc and grey diamond earrings, silhouetted with white and black round brilliant diamond pave

Diamond & Aquamarine Drop Earrings

Exquisite aquamarine pendant earrings suspended from rosecut framed white diamonds

Diamond Slice Earrings

Remarkable diamond slice and rose cut earrings, surrounded by white round brilliant diamond frames

Gold & Multi-Colored Stones Multi-Hoop Link Earrings

Contemporary 18k gold hammered-link, mixed gemstone chain earrings

Black Opal Disc, Spinel & Diamond Earrings

Shield cut wrapped diamonds bearing Burmese pink spinel and vibrant black opal triplet disc earrings

Indicolite Tourmaline & Diamond Earrings

Vivacious indicolite tourmaline shard & diamond earrings

Opal, Tourmaline & Grossular Garnet Earrings

Radiant crystal opal, grossular garnet and bi-color Munsteiner carved tourmaline earrings

Red Diamond Slice & White Diamond Earrings

Glittering naturally included, brownish-red diamond slice & white diamond earrings

Yellow Diamond & Yellow Diamond Slice Earrings

Unique organic cut yellow diamond slice and rose cut earrings

Black Diamond Slices & Black Diamond Earrings

Dramatic salt and pepper rose cut diamond and diamond slice earrings framed in black rhodium washed diamond frames

Moonstone, Opal and Citrine Earrings

Warm ombre casading opal and citrine earrings suspended by white moonstone cabochon buttons

Pink Spinel, Morganite & Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Dreamy cotton candy pink spinel, morganite & pink tourmaline earrings

Rubelite, Aquamarine, Peridot & Citrine Earrings

Celebratory rubellite tourmaline, aquamarine, peridot & citrine Munsteiner carved earrings

Lapis, Kyanite & Meteorite Earrings

Widmanstatten meteorite disc earrings with flowing droplets of lapis and kyanite

Black Opal & Blue Tourmaline & Diamond Earrings

Vibrant Australian black opal & blue tourmaline earrings, halo’d by white round brilliant diamonds

Black Diamond & Meteorite Earrings

Midnight black rose cut diamonds suspending small widmanstaaten meteorite discs, wrapped in round brilliant cut black diamond pave

Boulder Opal and Black Diamond Earrings

A matching pair of boulder opal in matrix drop earrings harmoniously hanging from rose cut black diamonds

Spinel, Tourmaline & Silver Moonstone Earrings

Elegant vivid pink tourmaline and organic silver moonstone drop earrings enhanced with vibrant pink spinel pave

Sapphire Slice, Blue Sapphire & Moonstone Earrings

Charming sapphire slice in matrix earrings, effortlessly suspended from blue sapphire & moonstone

Moonstone and Diamond Earrings

Iconic round and oval cabochon moonstone shoulder dusters married with diamond frames and cascading diamond briolette fringe

Trapiche, Emerald & Black Diamond Earrings

Natural crystal cut, rare traphiche flower emerald and black diamond earrings

Trapiche Emerald Tourmaline and Opal Earrings

Eye catching vibrant traphiche emerald slice earrings paired with blue-green tourmaline and black opal discs

Paraiba Tourmaline, Topaz and Black Diamond Earrings

Striking paraiba tourmaline slices contrast against the flowing rose cut black diamonds and London blue topaz riviere earrings

Agate and Fire Opal Earrings

Exotic fire opal earrings bearing asymettrical agate slices held in 18k yellow gold

Fancy Mixed Diamond Multi-Hoop Earrings

Oversized tri-color fancy diamond multi-hoop earrings